Personal Rapid Antigen Tests

Personal Rapid Antigen Test


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The Novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (swab) is an in vitro diagnostic test for the qualitative detection of novel coronavirus antigens in a Nasopharyngeal swab, using the rapid immunochromatographic method. The identification is based on the monoclonal antibodies specific for the novel coronavirus antigen.

Product Information:

  • Format: Test Cassette
  • Time to result: 10 Minutes
  • Storage Condition: 2-30ºC
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Sample: Nasopharyngeal Swab
  • ARTG: 334501



  • Individually packed test device
  • Sterilised swab
  • Extraction buffer
  • Extraction tube
  • Nozzle with filter
  • Tube stand
  • Positive control swab
  • Negative control swab
  • Package insert

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