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As we move towards a post-Covid world, it’s clear that things will never be the same again in modern workplaces. A more cautious eye on health and safety has become the new norm. Employers and employees both need to take more care and follow higher standards. While we all know that people are doing their best, devising a passive way to ensure a better, cleaner work environment is now everyone’s responsibility.

To aid in this, MPG are proud to share a new product, called PurePrint.

What is it?

PurePrint is an anti-bacterial paper-based print medium that passively removes moisture, oil, pollutants, and most importantly germs from the air, all with no skin irritation. Within one minute of contact with Air Purity, the nucleus of the germ is destroyed, rendering it inert. It is a black hole for germs. It traps bacteria in very deep spaces within the medium and sterilizes them immediately, reducing transmission.

Ink on the surface does not effect its deodorization and air purification capabilities, so you can print anything you like on this medium and know that it remains effective.

PurePrint fills a space with clean air and will last a minimum of 12 months on a wall. It can adhere to most surfaces and can be removed easily without leaving residue. A surface area printed on PurePrint the size of 3 A3 Posters is enough to provide coverage for a 25 square-metre area.

Further Details:

  • When germs contact PurePrint, the nucleus of the germs are destroyed with no skin irritation
  • Anti-bacterial, kills 99.9% of germs
  • Recommended for any public place that people visit or are vulnerable to germs
  • PurePrint includes a coating, which acts an anti-bacterial agent
  • Fills a space with clean air
  • Easy to adhere onto most services
  • Can be removed without leaving any residue
  • PurePrint will last minimum 12 months on a wall
  • Ink on the surface does not effect its odor deodorization or air purification capabilities
  • If a person touches PurePrint, the germs transmitted from the persons hand will be killed off in one minute, meaning germs are destroyed within 1 minute of touching
  • Lasts up to 1000 touch points
  • It sucks moisture, oil, germs and pollutants from the hand at the same time as a sponge, and sterilizes them immediately .
  • Up to 80% of the bacteria on your hand passes onto the anti-bacterial Air Purity touch surface
  • It traps numerous bacteria in very deep spaces and sterilizes them immediately
  • It sucks and sterilizes immediately.  It traps and sterilizes to prevent transmission to other people
  • 3x A3 size posters are suitable for an area of 25m²


  • Walls – Bedrooms, bathrooms, all living and common areas, kitchens, hallways, conference room, offices, wardrobes, etc..
  • Commercial area – Showrooms, boardrooms and common areas.
  • Glass – Doors, windows, room dividers, etc..
  • Hospitals, Aged Care, Offices…

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